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State of Nature 2023

Published date 2023-09-28

The landmark State of Nature 2023 report has been published today (Thursday 28 September 2023), providing a benchmark for the status of wildlife in the UK and the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dep...

Register of Interests

Published date 2023-09-29

Joint Committee Professor Tom Meagher RemunerationProfessor and Director of the Global Challenges Forum at University of St AndrewsNon-financial interestsChair of St Andrews Botanic Garden TrustMember...

Dogger Bank MPA

Published date 2023-10-09

Status: Special Area of Conservation (SAC)The Dogger Bank is the largest sandbank in UK waters and extends into both Dutch and German waters. It is home to a variety of species which live both on and ...

Celebrating International Geodiversity Day 2023

Published date 2023-10-06

Today (Friday 6 October 2023) is International Geodiversity Day, an annual worldwide celebration and promotion of the many aspects of geodiversity. The day aims to increase understanding and awareness...

Dolphin Head and North East of Farnes Deep Offshore Survey (Blog #1): Setting sail on our first HPMA offshore survey

Published date 2023-09-15

Our latest blog post is from our offshore survey team, who are embarking on a survey with the Marine Institute of Ireland to two recently designated Highly Protected Marine Areas (HMPAs) – Dolphin Hea...

UKBI - C9b. Plant genetic resources

Published date 2023-11-14

Type: State / Benefits IndicatorThis indicator was not updated in 2023. It was last updated in 2018. As a result of discussions in the UK Plant Genetic Resources Group, a revised indicator is being co...

UKBI - C4b. Species - Distribution

Published date 2023-11-14

Type: State IndicatorThis indicator was not updated in 2023. It was last updated in 2021. IntroductionThis indicator measures change in the number of one kilometre grid squares across the UK in which ...

UKBI - A5. Biodiversity and business

Published date 2023-11-14

Type: Response indicatorThis indicator was updated in 2023.IntroductionThis indicator is a proxy for the number of medium and large businesses in the UK that are taking steps to minimise their environ...

UKBI - B5b. Marine pollution

Published date 2023-11-14

Type of indicator: Pressure IndicatorThis indicator was not updated in 2023. It was last updated in 2021.IntroductionThe indicator shows the combined input of six of the most hazardous substances to t...

UKBI - E2. Biodiversity expenditure

Published date 2023-11-14

a. Public sector expenditure on UK biodiversityb. Non-governmental organisation expenditure on UK biodiversityc. UK public sector expenditure on international biodiversityType: Response IndicatorThis ...

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