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Great black-backed gull (Larus marinus)

Published date 2021-05-20

The following has been adapted from original text by James B. Reid in Seabird Populations of Britain and Ireland (with permission from A&C Black, London). The great black-backed gull has an extens...


Published date 2024-05-01

The Republic of Maldives is known for its rich marine environment, home to habitats including mangrove, seagrasses and coral reefs. These habitats are integral to Maldives’ two major industries of fis...

GCR site lists: Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology blocks

Published date 2024-05-07

Lists of GCR sites for each Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology GCR block are provided in the tables below. Sites are grouped by country and ordered alphabetically within unitary authority. Quaternar...

New UK Biodiversity Framework published

Published date 2024-05-09

JNCC has today published the new UK Biodiversity Framework on behalf of the Four Countries’ Biodiversity Group (4CBG).The UK Biodiversity Framework (UKBF) has been developed in response to the Kunming...

Marine Natural Capital

Published date 2021-03-22

The natural capital approach is about understanding the value of nature and integrating this into decisions we make about our economy and society. The approach emphasises how much we rely upon ecosyst...

Breeding Bird Survey celebrates 30 years

Published date 2024-05-16

The latest annual report from the Breeding Bird Survey has been published today, providing population trends of the UK’s breeding birds since the launch of the survey, back in 1994, up to the year 202...

Register of Interests

Published date 2024-05-23

Joint Committee Professor Tom Meagher RemunerationProfessor and Director of the Global Challenges Forum at University of St Andrews.Non-financial interestsChair of St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust.Memb...

Marine habitat data product: EUNIS level 3 combined map

Published date 2024-06-19

Nick-named 'the combined map', the UK full-coverage EUNIS level 3 seabed habitat map integrating fine- and broad-scale maps is one of several marine habitat data products produced by JNCC.This composi...

Orford Inshore MPA

Published date 2024-07-08

Status: Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ)Orford Inshore MCZ lies off the Suffolk coast across the 12 nm territorial sea limit. Therefore advice for this MPA is jointly delivered with Natural England. Sit...

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