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North Anglesey Marine MPA

Published date 2023-03-31

The North Anglesey Marine SAC extends from the northern coast of the Isle of Anglesey into the Irish Sea, and has been identified as an area of importance for harbour porpoise, especially in the summe...

Echoes in the deep Blog#5

Published date 2019-06-01

At Greater Haig Fras MCZ we have been busy collecting multibeam data from within the site, to the north and west of the central Haig Fras rock complex. We’ve targeted the survey area with the multibea...

National Museums Scotland Blog #1

Published date 2020-02-06

Survey Collections: sorting and archiving Last week, my colleague and I went up to the National Museums Scotland Collection Centre in Edinburgh. JNCC gives biological samples from each Marine Protecte...

New Year New Beginnings

Published date 2021-01-29

The start of a new year brings with it the promise of hope and new beginnings, though it may not feel much like it as we approach the end of a cold and dark January, still stuck in the middle of a glo...

Goodbye from Fulmar MCZ

Published date 2021-12-21

In the past week we’ve finally had some good weather in the wake of storm Barra, allowing us to complete our MPA monitoring sampling at Fulmar Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) as part of this JNCC/Cefas...

Stony coral tissue loss disease identification, monitoring and treatment training in Montserrat and Anguilla

Published date 2022-02-04

Our latest blog post is provided by Abbie Dosell and Bryony Meakins, from our International Implementation Team. They tell us about some training workshops which were recently held on the UK Overseas ...

Seas off Foula SPA

Published date 2020-12-03

Status: Special Protection Area (SPA) The Seas off Foula SPA lies north of the Scottish mainland and about 15 km west of Shetland, covering the waters surrounding Foula. The site protects important fe...

Benefits of working at JNCC

Published date 2022-07-07

Leave entitlement JNCC annual leave allowance is 25 days per annum. After five years’ service, leave entitlement increases to 30 days per annum. In addition to annual leave, JNCC offers 12 public and ...

Discretionary Advice Service

Published date 2022-06-15

JNCC offers a Discretionary Advice Service (DAS) to all industries working in UK offshore waters to gain nature conservation advice.  The DAS allows JNCC to fully engage with developers early in the l...

EO4cultivar (lengua espanola)

Published date 2020-11-20

Introducción al proyecto El proyecto EO4cultivar tiene por objeto aumentar la resiliencia y la sostenibilidad de las cadenas de suministro de la agricultura comercial entre Colombia, Perú, Paraguay y ...

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