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SMP Report 1986–2019

Published date 2021-05-20

Seabird Population Trends and Causes of Change: 1986–2019 Report The summary table of species-specific UK breeding seabird population trends was published on 29 April 2021; full species accounts were ...


Published date 2023-04-05

Belize is known for its rich marine environment, home to habitats including world-famous coral reefs, over 450 offshore islands, mangroves, and seagrasses. These habitats are integral to Belize’s two ...

Copernicus Satellite Data in Chile and Latin America

Published date 2023-02-17

In recent years there have been large increases in the amount of satellite-derived environmental data, notably through the Copernicus space programme. These data have great potential for the environme...

Work Package 3

Published date 2022-06-06

Through the Darwin Plus project Turks and Caicos Islands technical assistance programme for effective coastal-marine management (DPLUS119), JNCC, the Turks and Caicos Islands Government Department of ...

Simple ARD Service: support for users

Published date 2020-08-03

We are promoting adoption and use of the ARD by providing resources for users and by raising awareness of the service through relevant networks. We have produced a user guide with information on how t...

Greener Grangetown

Published date 2021-11-01

The Greener Grangetown project is a partnership project designed to transform the quality of the environment, streetscape and improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure across a Cardiff city-centre...

Geikie Sliders are go!

Published date 2016-07-20

JNCC and Marine Scotland Science staff set sail on the RV Scotia on the morning of Monday 18thJuly for a 17 day scientific survey to establish the first point in monitoring time series at Geikie Slide...

Our Strategic Priorities

Published date 2023-05-22

Our Strategy, Together for Nature, focuses on turning robust scientific evidence into action for nature recovery, and describes how we will drive change through our seven Strategic Priorities, listed ...

Returning to West Shetland Shelf - Blog#1 (1219S)

Published date 2019-08-23

This Summer JNCC and Marine Scotland Science (MSS) will be venturing back to West Shetland Shelf Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (MPA). The survey will be aboard Marine Scotland Science’s Ma...

Investigating the species of the deep... Blog #4

Published date 2018-09-03

We have begun our depth stratified trawl transect that will take us from the warm NE Atlantic waters of the Rockall Basin, up and over the Wyville Thomson Ridge SAC and then down into the Arctic-influ...

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