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Benefits of working at JNCC

Published date 2022-07-07

Leave entitlement JNCC annual leave allowance is 25 days per annum. After five years’ service, leave entitlement increases to 30 days per annum. In addition to annual leave, JNCC offers 12 public and ...

Discretionary Advice Service

Published date 2022-06-15

JNCC offers a Discretionary Advice Service (DAS) to all industries working in UK offshore waters to gain nature conservation advice.  The DAS allows JNCC to fully engage with developers early in the l...

EO4cultivar (lengua espanola)

Published date 2020-11-20

Introducción al proyecto El proyecto EO4cultivar tiene por objeto aumentar la resiliencia y la sostenibilidad de las cadenas de suministro de la agricultura comercial entre Colombia, Perú, Paraguay y ...

Barra Fan and Hebrides Terrace Seamount

Published date 2021-08-19

Status: Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area (Nature Conservation MPA) Situated to the west of Scotland, adjacent to the boundary with Irish waters, The Barra Fan and Hebrides Terrace Seamount Na...

SMP Report 1986–2019

Published date 2021-05-20

Seabird Population Trends and Causes of Change: 1986–2019 Report The summary table of species-specific UK breeding seabird population trends was published on 29 April 2021; full species accounts were ...

Joint Cetacean Data Programme

Published date 2022-04-14

Introduction Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) are highly mobile species that inhabit an environment that is challenging for us to observe and understand. Cetacean data are important for draw...


Published date 2023-04-05

Belize is known for its rich marine environment, home to habitats including world-famous coral reefs, over 450 offshore islands, mangroves, and seagrasses. These habitats are integral to Belize’s two ...

JCDP Contributors

Published date 2022-04-14

The JCDP is a collaborative programme led by the ICES Working Group on the Joint Cetacean Data Programme (WGJCDP), supported by stakeholders from a wide range of sectors with representatives from acro...

Copernicus Satellite Data in Chile and Latin America

Published date 2023-02-17

In recent years there have been large increases in the amount of satellite-derived environmental data, notably through the Copernicus space programme. These data have great potential for the environme...

Work Package 3

Published date 2022-06-06

Through the Darwin Plus project Turks and Caicos Islands technical assistance programme for effective coastal-marine management (DPLUS119), JNCC, the Turks and Caicos Islands Government Department of ...

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