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Our work A–Z

Published date 2023-06-12

Information on our work is provided in the A–Z index below. Click on the relevant link to find out more.  Our resources, including JNCC Reports, other publications and documents, and datasets, are loc...

Simple ARD Service: environmental applications

Published date 2020-07-20

Satellite data has numerous environmental applications in fields including forestry, crop health, flood risk, coastal management, water quality, biodiversity conservation and natural capital assessmen...

Professor Melanie Austen

Published date 2023-06-05

Role: Board member of Natural EnglandDate appointed: April 2023 Profile Melanie is Professor of Ocean and Society at the University of Plymouth. She is an interdisciplinary marine research leader with...

Privacy statement

Published date 2023-01-24

JNCC is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation.   Purpose  This privacy notice tells you what to expect when the J...

Legal basis of our work

Published date 2020-09-01

The legal basis for the JNCC is the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006. It sets out the composition of the Joint Committee, the purpose of JNCC and the functions of national and...

Latest Bird Indicators now published

Published date 2020-06-05

Latest Bird Indicators now published The latest updates of the UK and England bird indicators based on population trends of wild birds were published today by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). ...

‘Beyond the Coast’ conference celebrates 10 years of offshore MPAs

Published date 2019-07-02

‘Beyond the Coast’ conference celebrates 10 years of offshore MPAs Marking the 10-year anniversary of the first offshore marine protected areas in the UK, JNCC hosted Beyond the Coast – a conference r...

Marine Protected Area (MPA) training: sharing the benefits of over 10 years’ experience

Published date 2021-03-26

Marine Protected Area (MPA) training: sharing the benefits of over 10 years’ experience For over 10 years, JNCC has been actively involved in providing scientific advice to the governments of England,...

European Court of Justice

Published date 2020-05-12

JNCC's European Court of Justice case law database has been relaunched in a user-friendly cloud-based format. The database contains EU and UK case law relating to the Habitats and Birds Directives and...

Annual Report and Accounts published

Published date 2021-03-11

Our Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2019 is now available. The financial accounts are complemented by an overview of our key achievements throughout the year. These include: Working ...

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