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Conservation Designations for UK Taxa – constituent lists

Published date 2023-12-06 Size 108.44 KB File type pdf

Conservation Designations UK Taxa – constituent lists The Conservation Designations spreadsheet is compiled from a number of constituent lists. This document provides details about these constituent l...

Consolidated list of Red listed species

Published date 2023-12-06 Size 774.73 KB File type xlsx

This collection of files details the conservation designations of over 13,000 UK "taxa" that have been assigned some form of rarity, threat or legal status in Great Britain or the UK. It is a collatio...

JNCC 23 36I: Matters arising - 136th Meeting of Joint Committee (September 2023). Matters arising (Paper JNCC 23 36 I)

Published date 2023-09-14 Size 307.56 KB File type pdf

The one hundred and thirty-sixth meeting of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee to be held at 11.00 on Wednesday 13th September 2023 and 09.00 on Thursday 14th September 2023, at JNCC’s offices, I...

UKBI 2023 C1: Datasheet (ods)

Published date 2023-11-14 Size 19.88 KB File type ods

Updated 14 November 2023.These documents support response indicator C1 – Protected areas. The documents include a datasheet and technical background document. This indicator shows the extent of UK pro...

UKBI 2023 C1: Technical Background Document - UK Biodiversity Indicators 2023. C1 (Protected Areas): Technical Background Document

Published date 2023-11-14 Size 262.85 KB File type pdf

C1. Protected Areas 1 UK Biodiversity Indicators 2023 This document supports C1. Protected Areas Technical background document: Calculation of site extent and condition For further information on C1. ...

JNCC Report 746: Technical documentation for an experimental statistic estimating the global environmental impacts of consumption: 2023 version -

Published date 2023-11-14 Size 1.22 MB File type pdf

JNCC Report 746 Technical documentation for an official statistic in development estimating the global environmental impacts of consumption: 2023 Version Croft, S., West, C., Harris, M., Egan, C., Gre...

UK Biodiversity Indicators 2021: Online version

Published date 2021-10-28 File type Other

Summary of the 2021 update of the UK Biodiversity Indicators, published on 20 October 2021, revised 28 October 2021.On 28 October 2021, indicator A4 was updated, leading to a revision of this compendi...

JNCC Report 754: Review of opportunities for urban biodiversity monitoring

Published date 2024-01 Size 1.16 MB File type pdf

JNCC Report 754 Review of opportunities for urban biodiversity monitoring (Guidance report) Marion, S.1 and Hoskins, H.1 January 2024 © JNCC, Peterborough 2024 ISSN 0963 8091 JNCC’s report series serv...

Link to Workshop Report (2021)

Published date 2023-12 File type Other

It is recognised that sound generated from certain anthropogenic activities has the potential to cause injury and disturbance to marine mammals (cetaceans and seals). In particular, piling, geophysica...

JNCC guidance for the use of Passive Acoustic Monitoring in UK waters for minimising the risk of injury to marine mammals from offshore activities

Published date 2017-08 File type Other

These guidelines outline measures to minimise potential injury to marine mammals (cetaceans and seals) from geophysical surveys (e.g. seismic air-guns, sub-bottom profiling equipment). In addition to ...

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