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Carsten Brockmann, 'Copernicus sensors, data and products' - From Paula

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 12.32 MB File type pdf

Brockmann Consult Environmental Informatics  Geoinformation Services JNCC Using Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring Copernicus sensors, data and products Online, 13.-14.10.2020 Carsten Bro...

Tiago Silva, 'Benefits of data cubes for water quality monitoring' - CP017-04-F10 Cefas PowerPoint template widescreen version

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 1.73 MB File type pdf

Data Cubes for Water Quality Tiago A. M. Silva , Veronique Creach, Cherry Jones, Kate Collingridge, Tiago Santos, Mark Baldry Data Cubes for Water Quality 1. What ...

Lauren Biermann, 'Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution'

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 15.94 MB File type pdf

Detecting floating macroplastics using high resolution optical satellite data. Lauren Biermann, Dan Clewley, Ben O’Driscoll, Aser Mata, Liz Atwood, Victor Martinez Vicente, Tim vanEmmerik, Davida Stre...

Evangelos Spyrakos, 'Using earth observation to monitor cyanobacteria' - PowerPoint Presentation

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 4.07 MB File type pdf

JNCC Workshop - Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring 13-14th October 2020 Using Earth observation for national-scale monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms in the UK Peter Hunter, Vagelis Spyra...

Jon Hicks, 'Discussion: Innovation through to impact- linking policy priorities to R&D' - Defra PowerPoint template widescreen

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 375.92 KB File type pdf

Innovation through to impact – linking policy priorities to R&D Copernicus Water Quality Workshop– 14th October 2020 Jon Hicks – Defra Chief Scientific Advisor’s Office A quick introduction • Jon Hick...

JNCC Report No. 672: Workshop Report. Using Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring

Published date 2020-10-13 File type Other

Products derived from Copernicus satellite data have many applications for monitoring water quality in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. Examples include seabed mapping, predicting specie...

Andrey Kurekin, 'Oil spill detection using radar satellite imagery'

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 2.23 MB File type pdf

Oil spill detection using radar satellite imagery Andrey Kurekin, Daniel Clewley and many colleagues Using Earth Observation for Water Quality Monitoring Workshop 13-14 October 2020 Oil Spills and Mar...

Andrew Tyler, 'Response of lake to climate change- the GloboLakes project' - PowerPoint Presentation

Published date 2020-10-13 Size 3.79 MB File type pdf

Andrew Tyler, Peter Hunter, Vagelis Spyrakos, Claire Neil, Ian Jones (Stirling) Stefan Simis, Steve Groom, Viktor Martinez-Vicente, Mark Warren, Christopher Steele (PML) Mark Cutler, Eirini Politi, Jo...

Anton Dohrn Seamount MPA: Fisheries Management Options (published 2023) - Fisheries Management Options Paper: Anton Dohrn Seamount Special Area of Conservation

Published date 2012 Size 550.39 KB File type pdf

Fisheries Management Options Paper: ANTON DOHRN SEAMOUNT SPECIAL AREA OF CONSERVATION JNCC April 2023 (April 2014) 2 For further information please contact: JNCC, Quay House, 2 East Station Road, Flet...

JNCC21 52P Updates from around the UK - JNCC21_52P Updates from around the UK

Published date 2021-12-01 Size 109.89 KB File type pdf

The one hundred and twenty-ninth meeting of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee to be held at 11.00 on 1 December 2021 and 09.30 on 2 December 2021 virtually via Microsoft Teams This paper was pro...

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